Valenite 8-1/2" Dia. Milling Cutter + 15 PCD Inserts

Valenite 8-1/2" Diameter Milling Cutter w/ 15 PCD Inserts
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  • Item #: MTS0576
  • Manufacturer: Valenite
  • Condition: Used

 Valenite 8-1/2" Diameter

 PCD Milling Cutter

w/ 15 Inserts

Mfg.: Valenite, Cutter: 43-724-3421, Dia: 8-1/2", No. of Stations: 15, Insert: ESU-13293  1T5 (included), Arbor Hole: 2 1/2", Keyway on back of cutter: 3/4", Keyway behind plate: 1/2".  There is a face plate that covers the cutter, and is held down via 4 smaller screws - Large Bolt holes are 3" on Center , Body: Aluminum , The Diamond Inserts in excellent conditon. Spare tooling for the Chrysler 3.3L V-6 OP 20 Cylinder Head. Other markings on Cutter: TL# 4621511-F-1082  FX-169431-1, M1006628, Manifold: 92-724-0010.

Made in USA.

Perfect for OEM and aftermarket machine shops, engine rebuilders, etc.

  • CNC: Milling Cutter
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