Transmation 1028 mA Calibrator w- Leads, Case

Transmation 1028 mA Calibrator
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  • Item #: MTS1036
  • Manufacturer: Transmation Inc
  • Condition: Used

Transmation 1028 mA Calibrator

Includes -

  • Calibrator
  • Two-Wire Lead
  • Power-Pack
  • Carrying Case

Features -

  • Use as a current source or a two-wire transmitter simulator
  • Use as a Milliammeter
  • Meaasure two-wire transmitter output, plus power the two-wire transmitter output loop
  • Simulatneous input and output
  • Can be used to measure a mA input signal and output a mA test signal simultaneously. Using the Display Mode Switch, user can alternately display teh input and output signals as required.

Abbreviated operation instrucions on back of unit.

Made in USA

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