Test Indicator Stand - 12" - Dual Column, On-Hand Operation

Test Indicator Stand - One-Hand Micro-Adjust Dual Column
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  • Item #: MTS3628
  • Manufacturer: Russ Tool
  • Condition: Used

Russ 12" Indicator Stand

Dual Column with Micro-Adjust

One-Hand Indicator Stand

Condition: Used

As picutred, Indicator is Not Included

Customer Non-taxable with exempt form

Lock-knob for quickly and easily setting height. Smooth / Fine adjustment for zero setting.

Base has 3 hardened and ground pads for accuracy and smooth performance on the finest surface plates.

Features -

  • Repeatable Accuracy
  • One-Hand Operation
  • Positive Locking 2-Rod Solidity (hard chrome)
  • Easy to use Pivot Mount (.21 arm)

Attach an Interapid, Starrett, Mitutoyo or other precision indicator and put it to work. You'll love how easy it is to use, the quality of construction, and that it's USA made.


  • Inspection Equipment: Indicator Stand
  • Style: Dual-Column
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