Run-Out Gage, Bryant Avnils, Ex-Cell-O B21, Mitutoyo, Federal

Run-Out Taper Gage, Indicator Gauge, Tapered Thread
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  • Item #: MTS2953
  • Manufacturer: Ex-Cell-O
  • Condition: Used

Ex-Cell-O Taper Run-Out Gage

Taper / Tapered Threads

Dual Axial Position Indication

Features -

Mfg.: Ex-Cello Micro Precision Division

Base: B-21 (Bottom Cast: 90307, 28 90300R

Gauging Set: 24ZP-7703 XLC Bryant 28-04444

Go Setting Ring: .6245 XX - Wagner

Indicators -

Mitutoyo Digital

Federal Dial

About -

Gages for measuring tapered work, particularly for work having tapered threads. Object to provide an indication of the diameter at any given axial position. Likewise, to indicate whether a given diameter portion is at the desired axial position. As such, both axial positions of the work and diameters are indicated.

All patent information online for other operations.

Well maintained, as pictured.


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