Radius-Angle Grinding Wheel Dresser - Diamond

Radius-Angle Grinding Wheel Dresser - Diamond
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  • Item #: MTS1868
  • Manufacturer: Phase II
  • Condition: Used

Radius-Angle Grinding Wheel Dresser

3.40" Center Line with Diamond Nib

Features -

  • Extremely accurate and versatile unit for use on all O.D., I.D. surface
  • grinding operations
  • Knob "A" controls radii and knob "B" controls angular movements
  • All moving parts are lapped
  • Adjustable gibs
  • Easy, fast , accurate radius setting
Operation -
Radius is set on the grinder by measuring over the two pins or by inserting a gage block, for direct reading. Inside or outside radius is determined by using either the left or right
hand pins
Few kisses, sets quickly and moves accurately.

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