Packard Motor Car Co. Pitch Diameter Indicator Gage

Packard Motor Car 45B60 Indicator Gage
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  • Item #: MTS0964
  • Manufacturer: Federal
  • Condition: Used

Packard Motor Car Company

Inspection Room Fixture

Made by Federal Products, Providence, RI model 45B60 Pitch Diameter Dial Indicator.

"PMC-CO" etched on side, just below on side is "US - BR" and just below that "B-229". On the front, "POS" scribed on plate.

"Packard Motor Car Co" on dial indicator face.

Repeats great, .0005" resolution. Variable setting range. Carbide pallet with hard-chrome bearing on top.

Actual Parkard asset, still fully functional. With the quality they did things, it is no suprise.

Made in USA

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