Optalign Lathe Shaft Alignment Trainer w- Shims

Optalign Shaft Alignment Fixture
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  • Item #: MTS0858
  • Manufacturer: Fowler
  • Condition: Used

  Optalign Adjustable Lathe Shaft Alignment Trainer

Lawton Stainless Steel Shims

Adjustable tailstock module with machined vertical & horizontal jack screws.

Features -

  • Base: 24" x 8" x 2-1/4"
  • Tailstock designed with 5" travel via screw. 1-1/4" diameter nose with 3/4" hole. Indexed ruler on base for measuring. Base measures 19" x 6" x 3".
  • Fixed mount has 1-1/4" diameter end. 
  • Adjustable and fixed ends have clockwise and CCW rotation.
  • Lawton Shims - very close to complete, few shims missing.

Pictures are actual item. Last us at the GM Cadillac North Star Engine Plant - Livonia, Mi. Overall in near pristine condition.

Originally distributed by FISCO, Ohio

  • Type: Optalign
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