Natural American Spirit Neon Sign - Advertising Display

Natural American Spirit Neon Sign
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  • Item #: MTS0929
  • Manufacturer: Enhance America
  • Condition: Used

Natural American Spirit Neon Sign

American Indian w- Peace Pipe

Store Advertising Display Dispenser

Model: NAS-01

Southwestern Motif with very appealing color combinations. Looks like there are at least 7 colors (including black and white) on the face of the globe.

Designed for easy mounting. Built-in 9 foot power cord. Over 2 foot Pull-String for on / off; and balast on / off hidden switch.

Back plate has a 15" diameter. Globe is 12" across. Arms on bottom are 2-1/2" high x 5-1/4" long.

For indoor use, 120V 1.3A 50/60Hz. Awesome for game rooms, smoking bars, wall dispenser for medical card holders, for advertising collectors, cigar stores.

Well built, works terrific.

Made by Enhance America.

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