Midas Metal Stamping Die Plates - Crown over i

Midas Metal Stamping Die Plate
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  • Item #: MTS2378
  • Manufacturer: ABM Tool & Die
  • Condition: Used

Midas Metal Stamping Die Plates

Top and Bottom

Crown over i Logo

Top Plate Features -

  • 5-1/2" Long x 1-1/2" High x .75" Thick
  • Capital letter i with crown for dot is just over 1/2" high

Bottom Plate Features -

  • 6.1" Long x 4.1" High x .875" Thick
  • Threaded for securing, smooth holes for guide pins

No cracks in metal, or gouges, nicks, etc. Threaded holes in good shape.

Original production tooling.

Registered trademark of Midas.

Complete as pictured

Made in USA

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