Mahr Point Micrometer, Carbide Anvils - 200 to 300mm

Point Micrometer - Mahr Outside - Carbide Anvils - 200 to 300mm
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  • Item #: MTS0012
  • Manufacturer: Mahr
  • Condition: Used

Mahr Point Micrometer

200-300mm x .01mm Range

Mitutoyo 250mm Setting Standard

Mic has Interchangable Carbide Anvils, adjustable stem, ratchet stop, finger lock, Mitutoyo 250mm setting standard. Anvil stems .135 x .6 for reference. Used in a shop environment, works smooth and as designed. Well maintained, guarantee it can be calibrated. Overall an 8.5. Case in good condition. Reach hard to get area's where a flat anvil will not work.

Country of Origin: West Germany.

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