Mahr Millimess 24" Bench Center - Inspection

Mahr Millimess 24" Bench Center - Inspection
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  • Item #: MTS2189
  • Manufacturer: Mahr
  • Condition: Used

Mahr Millimess 24" Adjustable Bench Center

+/- 50µm with a Resolution of 1µm

Dual Indicator Holders

Features -

  • 24" Base
  • Dual Indicator Holders
  • (2) Mahr Millimess Indicators in great condition - Note: (1) angled "arm" that holds the indicator is sticking, and should not be used. Base holder is fine, as with indicator, just the angled arm has the problem. It will be included with the center.
  • Spring Loaded Center with Adjustable Tailstock Movement.
  • Solid Center with Fixed Tailstock Holder with Adjustable Center Movement.

Except for the sticking angled indicator holder, fixture is in great condition.

Complete as pictured.


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