Mahr Indicating Micrometer with Supramess Dial Indicator

Mahr 0-1" Indicating Micrometer Supramess Indicator
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  • Item #: MTS2068
  • Manufacturer: Mahr
  • Condition: Used

Mahr 0-1" x .0001" Vernier Indicating Micrometer

Supramess 20 Millionths Dial Indicator

Carbide Anvils - Thumb Lock

Features -

Supramess indicator has a range of +/- .001" and divisions of 20 millionths. Mic has a range of 0-1" and reads to .0001" on the vernier. Carbide anvils, wooden storage case.

Indicator is removable for use in other inspection fixtures.

Very well maintained, guaranteed to calibrate.

Made in Germany

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