Mahr Dial Gage P1I Series P .002mm P1I-RC

Mahr Dial Bore Gage P1I Series P .002mm P1I-RC
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  • Item #: MTS2761
  • Manufacturer: Mahr
  • Condition: Used

Mahr Dial Gage P1I

Series P w- Reverse Counter

0-10-0 x .002mm

Features -

  • Mfg.: Mahr / Federal
  • Model: P1I-X-RC
  • Measuring Range: 0.50"mm
  • Resolution: 0.002mm
  • Range Per Revolution: .20"mm
  • Reverse Hand Counting
  • Dial Range: 0-10-0
  • Dial Size: 57mm with Soft Yellow Tint
  • Flat Back

Very well maintained, guaranteed to calibrate

Typical Stock Photo, All Indicators same shape

Made in USA

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