Lyndex B30-4500 J Style BT

Lyndex B30-4500 J Style BT
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  • Item #: MTS2023
  • Manufacturer: Lyndex
  • Condition: Used

Lyndex B30-4500 J Style BT Retention Stud

45 Degree Angle, M12P1.75 Thread

0.43" Diameter - New in Box

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Features -

  • Class 4g6g metric thread
  • Magnetic particle crack tested
  • Tensile and shear requirements per JIS 6339
  • All locations of the pullstud that make contact with ground spindle mechanism components are ground
  • Base of pullstud flange is ground to assure perpendicular alignment between pullstud and taper of tool holder

New older stock (NOS)

Made in Japan

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