Li-Cor Pyranometer LI-200

Li-Cor Pyranometer LI-200
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  • Item #: MTS1701
  • Manufacturer: Li-Cor
  • Condition: Used

Li-Cor Pyranometer LI-200

The LI-200 Pyranometer is designed for field measurement of global solar radiation in agricultural, meteorological, and solar energy studies.

In clear, unobstructed daylight conditions, the LI-COR pyranometer compares favorably with first class thermopile-type pyranometers.

The spectral response of the LI-200 does not include the entire solar spectrum, so it must be used in the same lighting conditions as those under which it was calibrated.

The LI-200 should only be used to measure unobstructed daylight. It should not be used under vegetation, artificial lights, in a greenhouse, or for reflected solar radiation.

Very well maintained.

Made in USA

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