Harig Tru-Dex Wheel Dresser 030-100

Harig Tru-Dex Wheel Dresser 030-100
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  • Item #: MTS3271
  • Manufacturer: Harig
  • Condition: Used

Grinding Wheel Dresser

Radius and Angle

Features -

  • Mfg.: Harig
  • Tangent Radius
  • Convex and Concave Radii
  • Diamond Nib
  • Index Setting
  • Storage Case
  • Original Wrench's

Harig's tangent-radius dresser is the most accurate, easiest to use, and safest wheel dresser available. Dresses wheels up to 12" in diameter with up to 2 1/4" convex and 5" concave radii. Unique 24 division indexing every 15 degrees makes grinding angles on the Tru-Dex easy, while tangent "throw" of 1 7/16" to either side of center facilitates tangent-radius dressing. Dressing done at bottom of the wheel for highest accuracy. Handwheel in back of unit rotates and swings dresser arm keeping hands safely away from grinding wheel. When accurate wheel dressing is necessary, the Tru-Dex will do the job quickly and efficiently.

Additional Info - 

  • Sturdy and dimensionally stable cast iron housing
  • Hardened and ground base plate for minimum wear
  • Vernier graduated to 5 minutes for quick setting of any angle with locking screw
  • Index plate with precision index pin locks in every 15 degrees to +/- 10 seconds
  • 2 adjustable stops work with stop pin to set accurate angles between index locations
  • Handwheel in back of unit controls both rotation and offset movements and keeps hands away from grinding wheel
  • Tangent "throw" 1 7/16" to either side of center
  • Slide is under spring load to automatically drop into center
  • Ground "v" in dresser arm keeps diamond centered

Very well maintained, little use.

Complete as pictured

Made in USA

Price $1,750.00
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