HPS Buck-Boost Transformer 1.5 KVA - Hammond Power Systems

Boost Transformer 1.5 KVA - Hammond Power Systems
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  • Item #: MTS1891
  • Manufacturer: Hammond Power Systems
  • Condition: Used

1.5 KVA Buck-Boost Transformer

Hammond Power Systems

Buck-boost transformers represent an economical way to both raise supply voltage caused by line drop 
or equipment demand on the distribution system, or lower voltage caused by increased system voltages due to
supply line adjustments. Some loads including lighting and resistive loads require a stable supply to maintain

Features -

  • Mount: Wall Type
  • Case Style: NQ4
  • Type: HZQ
  • KVA: 1.5
  • HV/HT: 120 x 220 Volt
  • LV/BT: 12/24 Volt
  • Cooling: ANC
  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • Winding: Copper
  • Term. Bornes: X4, X3, X2, X1

Professionally used, well maintained.

Made in USA

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