Force Gauge Pull Test Stand - Micrometer Movement

Force Gauge Pull Test Stand, Micrometer Movement
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  • Item #: MTS2928
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Condition: Used

Direct Pull Force Gauge Testing Stand

Precision Micrometer Movement

Features -

  • Mfg.: Unknown - Not China
  • Center Pivot
  • Micrometer Wheel: 0 - 100 x 1/10
  • Notched for Backward Movement Prevention
  • Jaw Width: 16mm
  • Overall Height: 112mm
  • Stage Diameter: 85mm
  • Univeral Design for Various Load Cells

This has a center pivot to allow for a direct pull during testing. It has a jaw closure just above that. The detented micrometer weal on the base allows for accurate metered travel during testing. This model works with many different load cells and testing stage extenders. Commonly found in QA/QC labs for testing plastic thin films, adhesives, soldered joints, wire connectors, or any thing that needs to have a documented failure point. It is what is used to create the "PULL" side of the testing process.

Very Well Maintained and Kept.

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