Floor Welding Kit, Steinel HG-2000E, 20201 Electronic Heat Gun

Floor Welding Kit, Steinel 2000E, 20201 Electronic Heat Gun
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  • Item #: MTS2732
  • Manufacturer: Steinel
  • Condition: Used

Floor Welding Kit - Steinel HG-2000E

Electronic Heat Gun, Accessories, Manual

Features -

  • Mfg.: Steinel
  • Model: HG-2000E

The Steinel HG 2000 E electronically controlled heat gun emits airstreams of 14.8 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at temperatures ranging from 120 to 1,100 degrees F. The output temperature can be varied continuously with the thumbwheel. The straight form gun has electronic thermocouple control to regulate the output temperature, and accepts a wide variety of nozzles and accessories. It is suitable for many applications from welding roofing materials and industrial fabrics to stripping paint and touching up shrink wrap.

Very well maintained, complete as pictured

Made in Germany

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