Fidia Digitizing K2 Tracing Head

Fidia Digitizing K2 Tracing Head
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  • Item #: MTS2917
  • Manufacturer: Kidia
  • Condition: Used

Fidia Digitizing K2 Digitizing Tracer

The FIDIA tracer K2 is a copying tracer with angular deflection fastened to a copying arm. Kit is complete with probe, inspection report, wrench's and everything pictured.

Owing to its slender construction, the tracer exhibits an extraordinary penetration ability and thus allow scanning of narrow and deep cavities without requiring stylus extensions that would impair precision and stability.

Technical data:
Deflection in working area  

± 2 mm

Mechanical deflection  

± 2,5 mm

Precision at 1 mm deflection  

± 20 µm

Precision at 2 mm deflection  

± 35 µm

Precision of repetition  

± 4 µm

Mechanical hysteresis (+/- 2 mm)  

± 15 µm

Deflection force X Axis

12 N/mm ± 3%

Y Axis

12 N/mm ± 3%

Z Axis

12 N/mm ± 3%

Characteristics of the stylus Length

50 mm


10 mm


50 g

Weight of the tracer  

4500 g

Very well maintained, complete as pictured.

Made in Italy

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