Falcon Kwiklok 3 Morse Taper Tool Holder TIDRA-3M-6

Falcon TIDRA-3M-6 KwikLok 3MT Tool Holder
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  • Item #: MTS2822
  • Manufacturer: Falcon
  • Condition: Used

Falcon TIDRA-3M-6 Kwiklok

3 Morse Taper Drill / Reamer Holder

Features -

  • Mfg.: Falcon
  • Part No.: TIDRA-3M-6
  • Accepts: 3 Morse Taper

Well maintained, as pictured

NOTE: The shanks are not the size some buyers might expect. The "taper" of the shank measures 1-1/4" to 2" diameter with an overall length of just over 2-1/2". This is not the size Bridgeport machinsts are usually looking for, but are for bigger machines. 

Well maintained, ready for use, as pictured.

Made in USA

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