ETI GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensor 11351

ETI GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensor 11351
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  • Item #: MTS2403
  • Manufacturer: Environmental Technology Inc.
  • Condition: New

ETI GIT-1 Gutter Ice Sensor 11351

Sensor is designed to be used with either the APS-3C or APS-4C snow melting controller in roof and gutter deicing applications. The sensor mounts directly in the gutter or downspout to sense the actual environmental conditions which improves sensing accuracy.

Benefits -

Reduces operating cost

Reliable automatic deicing control

Senses both moisture and temperature

Gutter or downspout mounted

Unique design prevents ice bridging

Rugged housing

Simple low cost installation

Field proven reliability

Since the GIT–1 mounts in gutters and downspouts it senses actual environmental conditions.  With the GIT–1’s microcontroller design, it frees the moisture sensor from ice bridging.

Low voltage operation simplifies installation. Sensors can be located up to 2,000′ (609.6m) away from the control panel

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Made in USA

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