Dialsink 127 Degree Chamfer Gage 1127-CFM

Chamfer Gage 127 Degree DialSink Model 1127-CFM
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  • Item #: MTS2447
  • Manufacturer: Brunswick
  • Condition: Used

Burnswick DIALSINK Gage

127 Degree Chamfer

Model 1127-CFM

Carbide Faces - Metric

Features -

Unsurpassed for fast, accurate measurement of diameters at the top of tapered holes. Countersinks, chamfers, center drilled holes, valve seats, etc., can be quickly measured to .01mm.

The Dialsink is very easy to use. Just insert the three blade plunger into the hole, press the Dialsink firmly against the part and with a slight twisting motion you can read the diameter directly to three decimal places on the dial face. No setting master is necessary.

This gage is set with precision standards, and assigned a "SET TO" of .50.

Gage has asset numbers on tapered body, and outside of dial indicator. Repeats and reads nicely.

Complete as pictured.

Made in USA

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