Countersink Depth Gage, Trulok 100' .260

  • Item #: MTS3254
  • Manufacturer: Trio Products
  • Condition: Used

Trulok Countersink Gauge

100 Degree / .260


  • Mfg.: Trio Products
  • 100 Degree
  • .001" Divisions
  • Standards and Ring Included
  • Case

A high precision mechanical gage for quick and accurate measurement of the countersink depth. The TRULOK Mechanical Countersink Depth Gage has proved to be the most durable and accurate countersink depth gage, measuring as close to the bottom of the countersink as possible. This depth gage is accurate even when the countersink angle varies. Ideal for setting countersink depths on cages, positive feed drills and Automated fastening Machines.

Very well maintained, compete as pictured. Company name etched on body.

Made in USA

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