Centering Microscope, 40X, Spectros

Centering Microscope, 40X, Spectros
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  • Item #: MTS3232
  • Manufacturer: Spectros
  • Condition: Used

Spectros 40X Centering Microscope

Features -

  • Mfg.: Spectros
  • Shank: 1/2" Diameter
  • Eyepiece: 40X
  • Mounting Hole: .78"

Designed for job set-up and inspection with vertical milling machines, large jig borers, boring mills, lathes, electrical discharge machines, tape-controlled machines, drill presses.

Has an upright image, optically correct from left to right so that the operator sees the workpiece with the microscope the same as without it, Mistakes due to transposing or converting are eliminated.

Very well maintained, complete as pictured

Made in USA



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