Bilz WFLP 140 3/4" SS Acme Tap Chuck w WES-1 Adapters

Bilz WFLP 140-40 Acme Tap Chuck
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  • Item #: MTS1126
  • Manufacturer: Bilz
  • Condition: Used

Bilz WFLP 140-40 Tappers

W- Positive Drive & Torque Controlled Adaptors

Driver -

  • Mfr.: Bilz
  • Part #: 42-210-720
  • Shank: 3/4" Acme Thread
  • Head: WFLP 140-40 / 1-1/16" -HF.U
  • Precision Quick-Change Tapping Chucks.

Very well maintained.

Adapters (6) -

  1. Bilz WES 1 B 1/4" 16893B In Excellent Condition
  2. Bilz WES 1 B 6/16" 16894B In Very Good Condition
  3. Tapmatic T1-1006 In Very Good Condition
  4. Tapmatic T1-1008 In Very Good Condition
  5. TMS/NTLA 51-007-0 7/16" W/EXT 401-000 In Excellent Condition
  6. TMS/NTLA 51-007-0 7/16" W/EXT 401-000 In Excellent Condition

Applications -

Tappers are designed for multi-spindle tapping applications, and used in conjunction with the WES-WE range of tap adaptors.

Rapid and easy adaptor change, which are automatically locked in position on their insertion into the chuck.

The length compensation on extension and compression allows for any fluctuations which may occur between the spindle feed and the thread pitch, thus allowing multi-spindle tapping with varying pitches possible, without the need to balance revolutions and feedrates.

Made in USA

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