Anemometer - Thermometer Hot-Wire Traceable FS

Hot-Wire Traceable Anemometer - Thermometer FS
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  • Item #: MTS1691
  • Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific
  • Condition: Used

Traceable Hot-Wire Anemometer / Thermometer

Fisher Scientific 06-662-73

Features -

  • Miniature glass-bead thermistor provides greater precision at low air velocities; eliminates friction errors caused by rotating vanes in traditional anemometers.
  • Measures air velocity in five ranges: 0.2 to 20mps with a resolution of 0.1mps; 0.7 to 72kph with a resolution of 0.1kph; 40 to 3940fpm with a resolution of 1fpm; 0.5 to 44.7mph with a resolution of 0.1mph; and 0.4 to 38.8 knots with a resolution of 0.1 knots.
  • Accuracy is ±1% full scale plus 1 digit.
  • Displays temperature in user-selectable °C or °F; temperature range from 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F) with a resolution of 0.1°C or F and accuracy of ±0.8°C (1.5°F).
  • Serial RS-232 output allows the meter to be connected to any IBM*-compatible computer or datalogger.
  • Memory function recalls the highest and lowest readings and HOLD button freezes display for later reading.

Very well maintained, kept in regular calibration.

As pictured.


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