Aloris CXA-19 Knurling Tool - Adjustable

Aloris CXA-19 Knurling Tool - Adjustable Lathe Tooling
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  • Item #: MTS2192
  • Manufacturer: Aloris
  • Condition: Used

Aloris CXA-19 2" Adjustable Knurling Tool

Quick-Change Lathe Tooling

Dovetail Design

Features -

•Excellent knurling with approach adjustability

•Self-centering and is adjusted by means of a threaded spindle with left and right hand threads, providing the ideal near-vertical-axis approach angle 

•Spindle and cross-slide pressure are minimal, thus knurling of thin wall tubing is easily performed

•3/4" O.D. x 3/8" wide, high-speed medium diamond knurls are currently installed

•Dimensions: A=2", Knurl Size=3/4x1/4x3/8"

•Interchangeable with Dorian & Phase II CXA series tool posts

Very well maintained, item pictured.

Made in the USA

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